Arcus Momentum Consulting Pte Ltd

Our expertise lies within the area of industrial marketing. We hold special competence in the steel industry, and specialize in business to business. We can help you set up a sales network in Asia, either through distributors or through your own sales units. We will advise on market potential, the optimum structure, and help recruit the right persons. We can also meet up with your existing and potential customers, where we will represent you until your own resources are in place.

Our services are flexible and will be tailored to your needs. We have a lot of experience with European and Asian industrial companies, and we believe we can help any company to grow their business.

Our senior consultant has a Master Degree in Industrial Marketing from Linkoping Institute of Technology in Sweden. He has 30 years experience working in leading positions in large multinational companies like Sandvik and voestalpine. He has been based in Asia since the year 2000.

2 Balestier Road, #04-665 Balestier Hill Shopping Centre

Contact us at +65 9675 9052

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